North American Kai Association

A message from the Prez

Firstly: Read this article on puppy buying from Ruffly Speaking

This breed is still a primitive breed and most people do not realize what is going to be demanded of their time and energy in socialization with these guys.

I try very hard to make sure each new owner understands this is not a lab and will not react well to new situations and experiences without tons of proper socialization and training.This breed should never be portrayed in general as a lovable outgoing companion, and every breeder/owner out there should be extremely honest when placing a dog whether it is a young puppy or an older dog. I do not think that everyone stresses this enough when placing the Kai into new homes.

This was a wild dog and can and will revert back to his wild nature if not guided properly.... and yes some lines are more independent than others and without proper guidance will become more assertive. Unfortunately when the owners do not understand this and have not done everything in their power to guide the dog properly ( proper owner training, puppy classes,obedience classes, etc.) not only does the specific dog suffer but also the breed in general.

It is up to the breeders to try to make sure that they place the proper temperment puppy with the proper owners. If you have a very shy weak willed owner you do not place a very outgoing assertive dog with them.The dog will have to take over as pack leader. It's that simple. It is up to the owners to ensure the dog has the proper raising and training.

And again I will recomend the pack theory for this breed.
http://www.cesarmil dogwhisperer/

Just my honest opionion based on my own personal experiences.

Marsha ~NAKA President

" A Sound Mind and Body is a Healthy Happy Puppy"