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Hero Tristan

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I just wanted to share my experience about Kai loyalty and bravery in case anyone inquires about the breed.

Last April I bought a beautiful Kai male from Roberta Van Harn and I named him Tristan. He became my best friend in no time because he had a personality as diverse as any human. He loved meeting everyone and tried to play with everyone and everything he saw. Everyone loved him because he never showed them aggression or barked at them, even with new people he had never met, he just wanted to say hi and see if they would scratch him behind the ears. He was so intelligent he knew his basic commands (sit, stay, lay, come, heel, and go to bed) in three languages; English, Farsi, and Russian. When we were inside, if he wasn't playing, he was watching TV with me, he even had a favorite show that when he heard the theme music come on he would stop what he was doing, run out and sit in front of the TV. If he wasn't playing or watching TV he was keeping overwatch by sitting on the back of the couch if he heard a noise or sensed something that alerted him. He truly lived up to and surpassed everything I ever read about the Kai breed that formed the basis of why I wanted one as a pet.

On 5 Jan 09 my apartment caught fire while I was asleep. I didn't hear the alarm go off but Tristan did and he spent a probably a good amount of time trying to wake me up. Only after I was up and alert to the danger did he try to hide . I wouldn't be alive today if he hadn't woke me up. Unfortunately my attempt to get him out of there killed him. People say he was just a dog and I can get another, but he wasn't just a dog and our bond was more like brothers than owner/pet, it's not a bond I've ever seen or experienced with other dogs or animals. Tristan was 9 months old, still just a puppy.

Mike Donaldson