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Hero Suzanne

10 Weeks 10 Weeks 10 Weeks

My first dog, Buddy, was a throw-away who moved into my basement. Soon after, he moved into the house...three years later he got tired of being an Only Dog and got himself his own dog. One winter we had a big storm (by California standards) that lasted several days. On the day things cleared up, Buddy woke me with his nose and pushed me outside. Then he began pushing a smaller black dog toward me in the garden. She was fillthy, starving, and was obviously nursing puppies. Then I noticed that she was walking on three legs. Buddy acted as though he'd found the greatest treasure in the world ... a kai ...and I have to admit that one look into Bella's eyes had me hooked on her too. I took her to Buddy's vet to get her leg fixed because I'd want someone to do that if they found Buddy hurt, and meanwhile I checked the papers and bulletin boards and the animal shelters because I was worried about Bella's puppies...The vet said that her puppies were about 6 weeks old and should be ok without her, and Bella needed another surgery because the shattered bone in her leg became infected, and by that time, I gave up looking for her owners because I wanted her. Actually I suppose I was already hers...she was injured so badly that she lived only 7 years, but shortly after she passed, Buddy and I were at the Ft. Funston dog park in San Francisco, and we met a kai who looked just like Bella. Buddy was absolutely ecstatic...Sweetie Pie belonged to an elderly woman who got her 6 years previously from a shelter near where I live...she might have been Bella's daughter. Buddy seemed to think so; they spent the afternoon together and I imagine he was telling Sweetie Pie all about her mother Bella and all the good times they had, traveling around and visiting the neighbors, running up a tab for beer and dog biscuits at the local store...