North American Kai Association

Hero Phyllis

Max Smokey


I would like to submit Max as a saved Kai Ken.
Someone left him out in the winter of 2002.  A neighbor called the lady, and told her "Your dog is cold, let him in!"  The lady replied, "I don't want that dog, and it won't leave!  If you want it, come and get it!"  The neighbor did, but soon found she was allergic to the dog and her doctor told her to find it a home.  No one wanted it.  I found out about him, and although I had 2 big labs, I said, "I'll take him just long enough to find him a good home, he is gorgeous!" 
He has never left!  He is the best dog we ever had!  I never knew what he was, the Vet didn't even know.  When I got him, it was estimated that he was about 8 months old.  That makes him 8 or 9 now.  He is spoiled and he has spoiled us!!

Roseville, MI