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Hero Miya and Ross

Polly Polly Polly Polly

We got Polly though a local rescue organization. We were told she was most likely a Lab-SharPei mix. Polly had been found abandoned and starving with two kittens in a rental property in Tacoma, WA. Because she was so thin, she appeared to have some wrinkling, but otherwise, we couldn't really see the SharPei in her. We took to Polly very quickly. She was very affectionate and cuddly indoors, and got along well with our senior cat. But she had some edges to her outdoors. She distrusted some men, especially large ones, and she was afraid of most dogs, a fear which manifested itself in fight, rather than flight. In order to work on some of Polly's fears, we took her to some behavioralist trainers. The trainers immediately recognized her as a Kai. We were very pleased to find out that she is a Japanese breed of dog, as my heritage is partially Japanese. We'll probably never really know for sure, but she certainly looks and acts like a Kai.

She was being fostered for about two or three months. When her foster mom comes to visit from time to time, Polly goes absolutely nuts until she has FULLY greeted her old friend. This is after two years. She never seems to forget anything. Ever.

She climbs trees and rock walls, bounds across the backyard like Tigger, is very trusting with us and stand-offish with strangers, loves to hunt, has a mind of her own, and is highly intelligent. We have actually have seen her climb trees with no hesitation - usually after squirrels. Sticks to the lower branches, but climbs them she does. When she plays(?) it looks more like a grappling assault and she does not quit. She first establishes her dominance and then will play submissive. I think that is just a ploy to get to the underbelly. When play time is over, our back yard looks like a pillow fight went on there - she uh grooms Scout (the Samoyed).

Polly still has her issues with most dogs, but does have one doggy playmate, our neighbor's Samoyed. She loves cats and us, and that's all that really matters.

Miya & Ross Seattle, WA