North American Kai Association

Hero Marsha

10 Weeks

Katie was placed in a Shelter by a breeder along with several other Kai's. She rescued out of an Animal Shelter In Ohio and brought to Michigan. She lived at Mijikai Kennel. After much discussion Katie then went to live in Ohio at Royal Kennels to be further socialized. It was decided she would be taken to some local UKC shows and shown in conformation classes in order to hopefully help further socialize her. Beth Hart handled her and helped her to acquire her UKC Championship. Katie was then spayed and adopted by a family. But Katie's story doesn't end yet. Every thing looked perfect and seem to be going well until the call was received from the local shelter in the area ,that "Katie had been found. Her adoptive owners moved out and did not feel the need to take her with them or return her back to her foster home. Katie was found boarded up underneath the house and lived on water from a leaky faucet. Fortunately for Katie she was found quickly otherwise the outcome may not have been so happy for her. Katie is now living back in her foster home and is doing well again thanks to Pam Peterson and is living out her last years happily at Royal Kennels In Ohio.