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Hero Lise

Smokey Smokey

Smokey was brought to Victoria B.C. from a shelter in Arkansas, by Mosaic Rescue, a local group that works with US shelters. We saw her picture and right away thought that this unusual looking dog must be special! We don't know much about her previous life or why/how she ended up in a shelter. She was about 9 months when we adopted her, and she is now about 2 years old. She is still a bit jumpy in new situations or with sudden noises and movements but otherwise she seems to have settled into her new life here. She is full of beans, loves to chase and wrestle with other dogs of all sizes, takes her job as house&yard security officer very seriously, and goes nuts for sprayed water and snowballs. She is happiest hiking in the woods or playing on the beach (as are her people!), and a full day of that is about the only thing that tires out this dog! Of course we don't know for sure that she is a Kai Ken (and no one around here has heard of it), but she sure seems to fit the description!