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Indy was a street dog that was picked up by animal control; she was scheduled for euthanasia due to overcrowding at the pound. A local rescue stepped in at the last moment and placed this young 9-month-old dog into a foster home. Indy being a big goofy puppy kept knocking down the foster families 2-year-old daughter, so she was placed into a second foster home. The next place Indy lived had an Alpha Rot. female that would constantly fight with her, and living in Romeo, there were no fences so the two dogs would run all around. A neighbor threatened to shoot either dog if he saw them near his horses again. That's when I took her as my foster. She was a great dog, got along amazingly with my other dog (Mushka) and all five cats (4 of mine and 1 foster). I tried to place her a few times, but it never worked out. After 2 months of no interest from anybody the woman running the rescue said she was "hard to place because of her breed" and it was time to euthanize her!!!! Indy is a Lab-Pit mix and is so full of love, happiness, and affection it's almost sickening! I was shocked and outraged that a decision was made to put her down and there was no way I would ever let that happen to such a wonderful dog. So she found her forever home the moment we met, I just didn't realize it. Indy is my best friend and my comic relief; I couldn't imagine life with out her and those silly ears. Indy has just celebrated her 5th birthday!