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Abby Abby Abby Abby

Let me introduce my Abby. I adopted her (at 6-8 months) from the Bergen Animal Shelter in Teterboro, New Jersey last Feb 2008. I first thought she was part cattle dog, part black lab or shepherd. But I discovered the KaiKen breed surfing the web, saw pictures of the breed and said, "That's Abby!" She does share a lot of traits with the breed -- spotted tongue, obsessed with squirrels, good watchdog, very intelligent, housebroken in less than a week, curly tail, very athletic, fast, strong, friendly. She is bigger than a purebreed and she does not have the brindle, although her thigh coat does glisten when the light hits it. She "cries" when I or my husband come home, picks up a toy and goes around the room "crying". She is very vocal (funny!).

I hope she is part Kai because the more I learn about the breed, the more I love it!