North American Kai Association

Friends from Japan

We have received an update from one of our friends in Japan with some interesting information on the local Kai Ken.

Thank you very much for informing me of listing my dog on NAKA.

It is my great pleasure to share joy of interesting life with wonderful dog KAI-KEN. I would like you to know that KAI dogs play important role as rescue dogs at YAKUSHIMA, world heritage island which is well reserved from acient times. Though KAI is not dog in this area from old times, rescue division members found that KAI is the best as the rescue dog after trying many type of dogs.

It is true most of KAI dogs in Japan are in house family dog, but there are some which plays very important role regionaly in such a severe natural condition.

Sincerely yours,


Kichi really enjoys comfortable life at seashore.